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My Life According to Instagram (Not Facetagram)

Snapshot of my Instagram Profile (All photos ©whereisksenia)

Last week, the buzz was all about Facebook acquiring Instagram – the world’s most successful (30 million users) mobile photo sharing app. To be honest, ever since I gave into the idea of owning an iPhone a few months ago, I’ve been quite addicted to this photo sharing app. I’ve always liked snapping quick pictures with my phone camera. To me, that’s a way to document little happy moments that can be easily forgotten otherwise. Instagram’s filters help to make the pictures more artsy, and then get social by sharing them with friends. It also lets me discover new people to follow by interests – hash tags work great for that. My current top 3 Instagramers whose pictures always put a smile on my face are @veganfoodshare, @da0da and @kinax.

Me on my roof, filtered with Instagram (Zara leather jacket, Zara skirt, Pour la Victoire leather handbag, Tommy Hilfiger booties)

But who would have thought that a picture can be worth $1 billion?..

Mark Zuckerberg stressed Facebook’s interest in working closely with Instagram team to expand from sharing photos with your friends and family to sharing mobile photos with people based on your interests. But is that really Facebook’s main interest? I highly doubt it.

The main difference between the two social networks is that: While Instagram is still a user-generated platform (with brands catching up very slowly and unintrusively), Facebook has a significant amount of brand-generated content with its Sponsored Stories, Ads and other ways to monetize the social networking giant. When the news about the acquisition broke, a lot of Instagramers revolted, unhappy with the idea that Facebook might turn Instagram into something that it’s not. But why does that have to be bad? I am not very keen on this idea either, but if you think about it… What happened to YouTube after it was acquired by Google? It flourished! Not that Instagram needs any help growing, but now that the deed is done, why not try to think of all the possible good outcomes of this acquisition? For example, now there’s a high chance that the Instagram plugin on Facebook will work correctly… finally.

A picture I snapped from the top of the Bank of America Tower last week, filtered with Instagram

Anyway, the rest of the story is up to Mr. Zuckerberg, all I have to say is that I hope that Instagram’s authenticity will be preserved. Meaning, please don’t attempt to turn “Your Photos” into a “Timeline”. That could lead to a new record of mass deactivation of a mobile app. And one more thing, which I completely agree with Mashable’s Christina Warren on: Keep it mobile only!

What are some of your favorite instagram users? I’d love to check them out!

p.s. If you’re not an owner of Instagram-compatible iPhone or Android, you can check out what the app is all about on Statigram. It’s also a great way to see your stats if you’re an existing Instagram user.

2012 NYC Living: Chapter I

Few months of my New York life, the Instagram version © Photos by whereisksenia & analevi

New York life is busy. Is sucks you in, making you wonder how it could have happened to you, too.

Busy is good: To me, that’s a dogma. That’s the only way to stay challenged and to grow. When your free time is limited is when you enjoy it the most. When I come home after a long day of work, tired and accomplished, and only have a few hours to relax (read: dinners with friends, yoga, reading, Skype with family, watching movies, plotting another getaway, catching up with Facebook and Pinterest news… Yes, I just admitted that), you cherish it so much more.

2012 has changed my life in a major way. Due to some difficulties related to bureaucracy, I had to leave a dream social media job at the best online flash sales company in US and enter the classroom once again. This time, as a ballet student.

Life is unpredictable, and that makes it that much more exciting. What might seem as a very difficult time in life can lead to something better, bigger that you’ve ever expected. Many years ago, I had a vivid dream in being in NYC, and woke up with a feeling of complete and very real bliss. I was 17 back then and had never yet been in this city. I agree with Carl Jung: There are no coincidences.

My student life will begin, ironically, on April Fool’s Day. The fact that after two months of couchsurfing I found my own place and will be moving in tomorrow makes this new chapter more tangible. And the fact that the new place is in SoHo only confirms my belief that despite everything, New York has been very kind to me. Its people, its opportunities and chances, its energy… At times overwhelming, the happy moments here make all the challenges worth it. Thank you, New York. And hello again, my blog, and whoever gets to read this.